I’m very excited to have been selected to be the artist in residence at Chichester Festival Theatre during the 2015 season. This will bring to a close my work in Oaklands Park House, which has been a significant step in my journey. I have had the opportunity to work in and respond to a specific environment and continue my exploration of stairs and doorways. The basement area has proved to be the most interesting (and worrying) place to be working. I started with drawings and then spent a day in the basement painting. The painting developed further, back in the studio. As is often the case with my paintings, it was turned through 90 degrees part way through. I also painted out a chunk of the painting, prior to this turn.

Basement Pipes Charcoal on paper

Basement Pipes
Charcoal on paper

Oaklands Basement 1

Oaklands Basement 1

Oaklands Basement 3  Acrylic on canvas 1200x1000mm

Oaklands Basement 3
Acrylic on canvas 1200x1000mm

This is the painting which was done in situ.
The theatre residency begins in mid March.

Oaklands Park House Basement

This was my painting after a couple of hours down in the basement – partly spent setting up the workspace and also the video recording, which I hope to upload to Vimeo when the editing is complete.

Oaklands Basement Painting Day

Oaklands Basement Painting Day

Shortly after this photo was taken I turned the painting through 90 degrees and painted out about 25% of the area with white paint in order to give myself something to resolve after a short break. The painting has remained (so far) as a landscape image.
This is a time-lapse video of some of the time that I was painting: You will need the password FAM6 to watch the clip.