Permanent Studio

Finally, I have a permanent studio space. I have had ‘the spare room’, shared studio space at Unity Studios in Chichester, a fabulous (but rather expensive) studio in Lavant all to myself and the most grotty space on a smallholding in Almodington. Finally I have a dedicated studio space at home. It is wonderful.

Permanent Studio

Dry studio space

At one end I have my capacious plan chest, which has been with me for nearly thirty years and indeed was my studio for many years. This is the ‘dry studio’, where I do clean work like mount cutting or any of my spinning or textile work.
(to be continued)….

Hazards of modern life

One of the hazards of modern life is being subject to random attacks of various kinds. My site was hacked this week and some of my recent blogs (2017) have been lost – note to self – back up your own blog material. I consider myself lucky – no-one was hurt – just irritated at the inconvenience.
I shall aim to re-populate some of the material to show up to date work – meanwhile the gallery will give some clues there.