Artel Exhibition 2023

What Lies Beneath

Sehila’s paintings are constructed layer by layer, often including her own collaged Gelli prints. By using transparent and translucent paints and glazes, earlier layers remain visible whilst being altered by the new colour.  This invites the viewer to consider which layer came first.

Sadly,  Sehila’s dog Treacle died during the making of three of the paintings and these paintings are dedicated to Treacle.  Sehila has included imagery referring to her eyes and tears within these paintings, as she often struggled to see through her own tears whilst painting.

Pattern, was completed earlier

See more of Sehila’s work on Instagram #Sehilac

Elemental Exhibition with Artel

Getting ready for the Private View

Getting ready for the private view

These photos are the best I can offer, sadly as I was admitted to hospital following on from my back injury in July. I missed my arranged slots to steward the exhibition, when I had planned to take some better shots. I felt proud to be part of this exhibition and we had good footfall throughout. Some more sales would have been welcome, but some members certainly did see some work.

Elemental Exhibition, August 2018 – Artel Group

Elemental Lightbulb

Sixteen artists from the Artel Group will be exhibiting their work in the Oxmarket, Chichester from 14 August to 26 August excluding Mondays. The exhibition is promising to be both interesting and intriguing, each artist having a completely different approach to our subject, Elemental. Several disciplines of art will be displayed and I am looking forward to curating the show as part of a small team from Artel.
My own work will take the form of an installation of paintings and (space permitting) some 2 dimensional paintings on the same subject.

Cookers and Kettles 1

Light Bulb Moment 1

Rigid Element 1