Oaklands House/Turner’s House

I began working in Oaklands Park House in November 2014 following a drawing workshop in Turner’s House in Twickenham. I wanted to continue my investigation into liminal spaces within a house. Gaston Bachelard’s observations on locations within a house in The Poetics of Space were very much in my mind. I wanted to capture something of how it feels to be in those spaces. My paintings are of the main staircase and window and the basement area – largely abandoned at the time of working down there. These are the paintings which have been inspired by the house:

The Safe Room Mixed media 1000x1200mm
Ascension 1
Painted Study Twickenham
Ascension 2 Acrylic and oil on canvas 1000 x 1200mm
We are not the First, hanging in entrance hall
The Janus Corridor