Feeding the inner artist

A trip to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition was the start of my day in London. Jim Lambie’s installation on the staircase up to the Wohl Central Hall was amazing:
ZOBOP by Jim Lambie
I was excited to see Pippa Blake‘s painting The Rehearsal, which resulted from her residency with CFT, observing Pitcairn.

The Rehearsal by Pippa Blake

The Rehearsal by Pippa Blake

Check out Pippa’s website for a better photograph than mine!
Oh, and did I mentioned that I was overcharged by 49p when I spent a penny in Victoria Station? 50P!!! It makes you want to get your money’s worth.
Visiting exhibitions is such a good opportunity for artists to step away from their own work and see what other artists are doing or have done in the past. It may seem like a luxury but I see it as essential nutrition for the working artist, even if you stumble on some junk food on the way.
The Sonia Delaunay exhibition at Tate Modern was equally rewarding. I had no idea of the scale of some of her work. Seeing someone’s work only in books can be so misleading. Her devotion to colour ticked all my personal boxes too. By contrast Agnes Martin‘s paintings use colour but at the most subtle level and seeing the two exhibitions on the same day was very interesting. I noted that there were not many men looking around the Sonia Delaunay – but rather more in the Agnes Martin exhibition. Draw your own conclusions.

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