Mike Walker at Gallery Muse Petersfield

Mike Walker - Artists' Talk

Mike Walker – Artists’ Talk

Mike Walker at Gallery Muse, Petersfield
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Artist’s Talk at Gallery Muse

Mike Walker

Mike introduced us to his show ‘Sequence’ and discussed how his recent work has surprised him with the quality of what had started out as samples, after creating 4 new, large scale lino blocks. His original plan was to join these together to make a very large print (4xA1), but he recognised that his ‘samples’ were in fact important prints in their own right. He continued to create layers on top and develop the work as individual pieces. This reinforced, for me, the need to have an open mind whilst working, so as not to judge work too hastily.

Mike spoke about his attempt to capture energy in his work and I think he succeeds in this – some areas of his prints are ‘crackling’ with activity (another member of the audience’s description) yet somehow the overall effect of the work is a sense of calm. Several people mentioned this aspect.

Mike’s influences are Pollock, Callum Innes and the writings of Bridget Riley. He has avoided ‘copying’ Pollock by insisting that his drawn lines come off the picture plane (unlike Pollock where they are contained within the picture) but he says that he now has the confidence to allow the lines to loop back into the image.

Gallery Muse is a small gallery in Petersfield, and is an ideal venue for a solo show for emerging artists.

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