Studio time

I am in the last stages of my MA now and am busy preparing for my exhibition at the university in September. I need a coherent body of work, which will look good hanging together. I have been using some standard sizes and thicknesses of canvases for a while now, all beautifully made and primed by Sophia Alexander-James. This means that I will be able to choose from the latest paintings, knowing that the canvases won’t be a distraction.
This is the space I work in – it is rather messier now as I am working much more with canvases on the floor and pouring and splashing paint

artOne studio

artOne studio

At the end of June I had painted “We’re Supposed to be Rehearsing”
Rehearsal 4

Rehearsal 4

This painting has some good qualities but I am unhappy with the area to the right and may yet attempt to resolve this. July has seen me ‘mining’ this painting for new paintings and in particular using a heightened version of the colour palette. I am not ready to show these paintings until the degree show (my equivalent of Press Night) but I could reveal some snippets
Rehearsal (detail)
Distant Stage detail
Alongside the practical studio work I am drafting my 2000 word statement on my latest work and I am beginning to prepare for my seminar, which has to be given to my tutors and others on 8 September – not far off now!

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